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Academic Integrity & Academic Dishonesty: A Handbook About Cheating & Plagiarism

Intentional misrepresentation or invention of any information, such as falsifying research, inventing or exaggerating data, or listing incorrect or fictitious references. In each class, students will be notified about policies and procedures regarding academic integrity. That notification is stated in the course syllabus and contains an explanation of academic integrity, student responsibilities related to academic integrity, and references to information about the consequences of academic integrity violations.

Students can expect fair treatment in academic matters, and the following steps will be followed in each situation:.

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Academic dishonesty or violation of academic integrity is not condoned or tolerated at Ozarks Technical Community College. Most infractions of academic integrity are governed by the instructional dean responsible for the division in which the violation occurs. OTC delegates the following disciplinary authorities to faculty in responding to infractions of academic integrity:. Some infractions of academic integrity may violate state or federal laws or professional codes and may carry serious legal consequences.

Upon determination that an academic integrity violation has occurred, the following procedures will be followed:. Ozarks Technical Community College is committed to operating in compliance with U. It is a violation of this policy to distribute, download, upload, stream, scan, store, or share any material including software, data, music, videos, games, or any other electronic file when:. Capuchino High School. Student receives zero for the assignment; no make-up work is allowed for assignment 2.

Teacher notifies parent via choice of email, phone call, or email 3.

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Teacher notifies administrator via referral 4. Administrator logs first offense in discipline file and warns student about cheating policy 5. Academic Integrity Contract may be signed 6. Detentions may be assigned "," 1.

Teacher notifies parent via choice of email, phone call, or mail 3. Teacher notifies administrator vial referral 4. Administrator logs offense in discipline file and assigns possible detention or suspension 5. Academic Integrity Contract is signed 7. If it is a third offense, you will be permanently dismissed. If you maintain innocence, or if the faculty member or the Dean of the College requests it, the case will be immediately referred to the Committee on Academic Standards and Discipline.

The procedure is as follows:.

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The Subcommittee on Academic Discipline of the Committee on Academic Standards and Discipline will amass evidence and hear testimony regarding the case. Alternate Faculty may be chosen from the faculty at large by agreement of the parties. The Subcommittee from within the Subcommittee selects the chair.

This committee will then hear evidence in the case. The hearing will be closed, but you may have a campus friend with you during the proceedings. Members of the committee may question any parties involved in the case. The committee will then deliberate and judge your guilt or innocence in the case.

Academic Integrity and Student Handbook | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

In the event of a verdict of guilty, the Faculty member will impose a penalty of either a zero 0 on the work in which you have been dishonest or a failure F in the course in which the dishonesty took place. Normally, for a second offense you will be suspended, be asked to withdraw from the College or be permanently dismissed. Statement On Academic Honesty Ursinus College is a small community, which functions on a social contract among students, faculty, administration, and alumni.

Divulge answers or information, or otherwise give improper aid to another student during a quiz, test, or examination or accept such aid. Relay or receive any improperly obtained or confidential information concerning a quiz, test, or examination.

Example: if one sees the test before it is given and transmits information concerning its contents or whereabouts to other students. Collaborate improperly with another student on an open-book or take-home quiz, test or examination; or obtain information from an unsuspecting fellow student during such an exercise.

Academic Integrity

As a proctor or student assistant, divulge confidential information or aid any student in an improper manner during a laboratory exercise, quiz, test, or examination. Commit an act of plagiarism in any form. Falsify laboratory data, notes, results, or research data of any type in any course and present it as your own work.